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Post 15: Clay Aiken

Did you know Clay Aiken is gay?

I had no idea. I feel blind-sided.

I’m glad he finally got up the courage to come out. Phew. I can stop taking Lunesta now.

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Post 14: High School Survey

Did you marry someone from your high school? No but I’m not married yet so who knows. I did date someone from high school 5 years after we graduated (I was the quiet girl in high school and he was the wild, party boy in high school)…it didn’t last.
Did you carpool? Nope

What kind of car did you have? 1995 Red Toyota Tercel. Pimpin’

What kind of car do you have now? 2002 Red Ford Escape…really cute

It’s Friday night…where are you? Probably in Dublin at the movies or out

Now It’s Friday night…where are you? The same

What kind of job did you have in high school? I was a waitress at Jerry’s, the local Chinese restuarant

What do you do now? I’m a photographer

Were you a party animal? No

Were you considered a flirt? No

Were you in band, orchestra, or choir? I wasn’t that kind of a nerd 😉

Can you sing the fight song? “Go Big Blue…” I can’t remember the rest.

Who was/were your favorite teacher(s)? Mrs. Jack

Where did you sit during lunch? At a table. Mostly with athletes

What was your school’s full name? Marysville High School

When did you graduate? 2003

What was your school mascot? A monarch (lion)

If you could go back and do it again, would you? I used to say no but if I were to go back with the confidence I have now, I think I would’ve loved high school

What do you remember most about graduation? The giant monsoon that drenched us and peeling out of the driveway knowing I’d never have to go back!

Who did you take to the senior prom? I didn’t go to senior prom, I went my junior year

Do you still talk to the person you went to Prom with? N/A

Are you planning on going to your 50 year reunion? Probably

Do you still see people from school? Yes, around here going to the local Walmart is like going to a reunion. Kinda awkward and annoying.


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Post 13: The Grill


Daddy-O: [shouting back] “UMMM…NO! WHY?!”




So much love in my family.

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Post 12: Some of my favourite photos of my friends and me.



That’s J [to the] L on the left and T-Dawg on the right

J [to the] L, T-Dawg & our friend A&W

I guess I kinda got a little carried away.

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Post 11: Living with a 5 year old. Also known as K-Ten.

This story happened in November of 2005. I had just returned from an 8am class and wanted to take a nap before my next class at 10:15am. This is what happened:

I am almost asleep in my bed. Warm and cozy underneath my blankets.

K-Ten: [bursts out of bathroom] “J! J! J! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!”

Me: [grumbling] “what! I’m trying to take a nap before my next class!”

K-Ten: [jumps onto my bed and thus on top of me.]“But what about McDonald’s breakfast! Remember? You promised!”

I had forgotten that I had promised K-Ten that I’d take her out for McDonald’s breakfast today. The last time we went it had already ended.

I roll onto my back and see K-Ten with a huge smile on her face and eagerness in her eyes. Similar to a child begging their mum for sweets at the grocery store.

Me: “B-b-but [I stutter] I only have 45 minutes until my next class [pointing to the clock] and I was up late last night writing a paper.”

K-Ten: [With disappointment in her eyes and her smile slowly fading] “Oh, okay.”

I’m on to her; she’s trying to make me feel guilty. I swear I won’t fall for it again. She hops down off my bed and I roll back over onto my stomach and proceed to fall asleep. I now only had 40 minutes to sleep. Ugh I hate class. Not a minute later I hear her jumping on her bed as if she were 5.

K-Ten: [while jumping on her bed] “I want McDonald’s breakfast! I want McDonald’s breakfast! Please J take me to McDonald’s! PLEASE!!!!!!”

Me: [still under my blankets] “NO!”

I hear flop down onto her bed. I hear her start yelling. I look up and see her face down on her bed kicking her legs and waving her arms and shouting “I WANT MCDONALD’S BREAKFAST!” Unbelievable I think to myself.

Me: [staring at her in annoyance and disbelief] “What the hell!? Are you seriously throwing a tantrum? You’re acting like a bloody five year old!”

K-Ten: [stops tantrum and stares at me with a childish grin on her face] “yes I am because you broke a promise and I’m upset.”

Me: [grumbling] “I s’pose you’re not gonna stop until I take you are you?”

K-Ten moves her head slowly from side to side while holding back a smile of accomplishment.

Me: [getting out of bed and grumbing] “bloody hell K-Ten. I feel like your mother and you’re my demon spawn.”

K-Ten: [runs over and hugs me] “Thank you mummy! I wuv you!”

Me: “I hate you”

K-Ten: [grabs my hand and pulls me outside into the cold air] “no you don’t. you loooooove me!”

We walk down the hill to my car and I take her to McDonald’s for breakfast five minutes before it ends.

McDonald’s Lady: “Wow you guys are just in time. We were about to change our menu to lunch.”

We grab our food and head back to campus. She skips up the hill and all the way to our quad. I’m such a push-over. I look at the clock. Time for class. Bloody hell.

K-Ten. I miss living with her. It was quite an adventure but it was amazing.

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Post 10: Top 100

I’ve finished my top 100 and have posted it. Go read it if you’d like.

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